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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fikri is 8 !

This was an order from one of my loyal customers, the lovely Kak Munirah. She has ordered this cake well ahead in advance for his son Fikri.
Happy Birthday Fikri and thanks kak for the order. Glad that all of u like the cake :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Selamat Bertunang Nadia & Norel

Chocolate flavoured cuppies

Kek Lapis Cadburry topped with chocolate ganache and edible image.

Chocolate Moist with Steamed Butter Cream

These cakes were orders from the lovely Kak Zah from Seremban for her niece Nadia. Her engagement reception was held last week in Nilai. Congratulations to Nadia and Norel and thanks Kak Zah for the orders :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cakes for Abg Sam

This chocolate moist cake was an order from Abg Samsudin for Aidil Adha. He has also ordered the delicious Kek Lapis Cadbury. I was happy to receive an sms from him as below, the same day when the cake was being delivered, a day before raya:
"My wife say thank u for the cake. She says it is delicious....takut tak sempat tunggu sampai besok pagi utk tetamu :D"
Thanks Abg Sam for the order! Do send my warmest regards to your lovely wife ya.

Happy Birthday November Babies

This 10" Indulgence Cake was an order from the lovely Kak Suhaya, for the 9 teachers of Sekolah Sepri. Thanks kak for the order!

Cuppies for makan2

Salam Maal Hijrah to all,

Semoga kita akan lebih diberkati sempena menyambut tahun baru ini. This month is a very busy month for me. With work, family and baking :). Alhamdulillah, so far so good.

Attached above are the cuppies ordered by Elina from Senawang for makan2. Glad that her kids love it. Thanks Elina!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kek Lapis oh Kek Lapis

The picture above is a courtesy from my teacher Anna from Bakefreshly in Putrajaya. Cantikkan gambar yang dia ambil. She is using an SLR camera. That is why her picture is sharp and beautiful (not like my mini camera yang kena ambil gambar 20 kali baru dapat gambar yang OK :)
When I went for a class at her place the other day, I had also brought together with me the kek lapis cadburry for makan2. She really likes it and had ordered a cake after the class. She has also helped me to promote my cake in her facebook and also in her blog. Since then, lots of people from outside Seremban has ordered this cake from me :). I have even received an order from the UK :)
Attached below are her few words abt my cake that I have taken from her blog:
peace be upon u
currently im addicted to this cake, cadbury layer cake! heaven okeh. serious tak tipu sedapnya. sebab im not a sweet tooth person but once i try this cake, thats it. keep on munching it again and again. sampai i kena order dengan student i, norain. actually norain bagi i rasa masa datang kelas last few weeks. tak cukup okeh.
to be frank, the price is quite reasonable to me. tak senang okay nak buat layer cake ni. once upon a time, i pun pernah jual prune layer cake. so i know how tedious is it just to make 1 cake! and this cake, uhuhu.... the taste, the smell of pure butter memang terasa-rasa & terbau-bau...
After the first order, Anna has also ordered 2 more cakes that will be delivered to her today and 2 more that will be delivered in 2 weeks time for her sisters who are currently studying abroad.
Thanks very2 much Anna. Really appreciate it !!!

Nazmin Is 9

This birthday cake is actually the delicious Kek Lapis Cadbury that has been topped with chocolate ganache and an edible image. Yanti from KL has ordered this cake for her brother's 9th Birthday. Thanks very2 much Yanti for the order. Really2 glad to receive the sms as below from Yanti:

"Dah Ain. Memang tq kat Anna coz kenalkan saya dgn kek lapis awak ni. Sangat2 bahaya sebab tak boleh stop. Tau tau pinggan dah licin. Dah berkali tambah. Sedap sangat!! Boleh order lagi tak?"