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Monday, August 31, 2009

Salam Merdeka!

Salam Merdeka to all. Hope that everybody had a great Merdeka weekend. In conjunction with the Merdeka celebration, I would like to share with the rest on the Merdeka cake a.k.a. kek bendera that I have made in Aug.

This was an order from the lovely Kak Suhaya, my repeat customer, for her school SK Sepri. I was really excited since this was my first time doing the kek bendera.

Alhamdulillah, Kak Suhaya told me that they like the cake, very chocolaty and moisty :)

Unfortunately however, I don't have the close up picture of the cake since my dearest husband have accidentally formatted the camera and wiped off all the pictures. Will share out the close up picture of the cake once I have got it from the teachers of SK Sepri ya.... (The picture above is from SK Sepri's blog)

Take care...

p/s: By the way, outstanding response have been received for the Fruit Tart Day. Thanks very2 much to Kak Mirah (SK Sepri), Selvi, Theivi (LNP), Kak Zai, Watie, Kak Shadah (JPJ) and Shidah for the fruit tarts qty ordered was 150 pcs. Terima kasih daun keladi ya :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fruit Tart Day !!!

Salam and Hello to all

Fyi, this Friday/Saturday is the fruit tart day. These delicious tartlets are available for grab in a smaller qty i.e. 9pcs, 18pcs and 25pcs. FYI, the normal minimum qty to order is 50 pcs and since this week is a special Ramadan week, I am selling them in a smaller qty instead.

Hence, do let me know if you would like to grab these mouth watering and superbly delicious fruit tarts ya.

Pls call or sms me the qty ASAP...

Thanks and take care :)

Selamat Berpuasa ...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Salam Ramadhan...

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan yang mulia to all the muslims. Really hope that all of us (including me) can fully utilise this beautiful month of Ramadhan that is filled with keberkatan, rahmat and pengampunan...


Cakes, cakes and more cakes :)

Tuty my ex-Alevel mate and now staying in Shah Alam has ordered a rich chocolate moist cake for makan2. Thanks Tuty for the order.

This cake was for my baby sitter, Kak Zai for her birthday. Happy Birthday kak...
p/s: the cake board is much bigger then the cake...sorrylah...the smaller cake boards are out of stock :(

This cake was ordered by Yasotha, my dearest friend for her daughter and niece's birthday. The celebration was held in JB.
Thanks Yaso.

Tartlets attack !!!

My lovely neighbour and a repeat customer of these delicious fruit tarts, Kak Suhaya and few other teachers from SK Sepri have ordered 100 pcs of fruit tartlets.

Thanks ya!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wedding Cake Course at Artisan

I have attended a Wedding Cake Course at Artisan Cake Craft. It was a very good course and highly recommended to others.

All of the 3 tiers are having different designs so that we can have the experience on how to go abt with each of the respective design.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hantaran Cakes

These two hantaran cakes are the product of mine (in blue) and Ila (in pink). We have learnt on how to make this lovely cake from Anna @ Bakefreshly in Putrajaya.

Hantaran Cake

This hantaran cake is for my nephew's wedding. The theme colour is Hijau Lumut. It is kind of difficult to make flowers using this colour and hence, I have used a readily available flowers instead. That is why it the flowers look slightly bigger than the normal ones.

Hantaran Cake

This hantaran wedding cake was ordered by the lovely Kak Suhaya, my repeat customer. The theme is red and she wants the cake to be in white colour. I have used the steamed butter cream technique for this cake since she does not want a fondant cake since a fondant cake is a little bit hard.
"Steamed butter cream" is just like a normal butter cream icing except for that we need to steam it. The end result on the cake is that the cake will look much smoother and fluffier, just like using a fondant except for that it is not as hard as fondant and texture and taste wise it is much nicer than the normal butter cream.

Wedding Cakes

All of these 3 tiered wedding cakes are using the steamed butter cream techniques. The cakes will look so much smoother than the normal butter cream and the texture is not as hard as fondant the taste is much nicer.

Hantaran Cup Cakes

This hantaran cupcakes are for my nephew's wedding Zaki. The theme colour is maroon. This cake has gone all the way to Kelantan for the wedding reception.

Chocolates For Hantaran or Gifts

These chocolates have been ordered for a hantaran except for the smaller boxes. The smaller boxes ones (which contains 2 and 4 chocolates) are just for samples for those who are thinking of giving out chocolates as a door gift during weddings, kenduri aqiqah and etc. A simple ribbon will be placed on the box.

Fruit Tarts

This is the all time favourite food since and I have received lots of orders for them. They are absolutely delicious since it combines the lovely taste of the sweet pastry, the very much favourite custard and the mouth watering fresh fruits (strawberry, kiwi and peach).
The minimum quantity to order for this is 50 pcs.

Baby Shower Cup Cakes

These lovely booties have been ordered by my lovely neighbour Shidah. They are for the kenduri aqiqah of her baby sitter's daughter.

Cupcakes and Mini Cuppies

These cup cakes and mini cuppies were made during my birthday. I have sent some to my daughter's kindergarten and also brought some to the office to share with the rest.

Birthday Cakes

These cakes have been ordered by a few teachers in Sekolah Rendah Undang Rembau (URES) for their kids' birthdays.

Moist Chocolate Cake

This cake was ordered by a teacher in URES as well. It is a richly and heavenly moist chocolate cake that it is just melt in your mouth and not in your hand :)