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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kek Lapis for Syahrul Hadis

My university buddy Syahrul Hadis, who is now serving at Bank Negara KL, has ordered this superbly delicious Kek Lapis Cadbury last week. It has been a while since I last met Hadis and when we met at NAC 2009 in KL last 2 weeks, I did brought along some Kek Lapis Cadbury and gave him to try. He liked it and ordered this cake for makan2.
I have couriered out to him this kek lapis all the way to KL and Alhamdulillah, this cake was still intact and was still in one piece :) The most important thing, the taste is still delicious.
Hence, for those who is outside Seremban that would like to try this superbly delicious Kek Lapis Cadbury, do let me know ya since I can courier them out to you guys out there.
To Hadis, thanks for the order and also, many thanks for bringing the cake to your office mates in Bank Negara. Glad that they like it too :)
Cheers Mate !

Nur Arina is 7

This princess cake was an order from my ex-Alevel mate Syurek and his lovely wife Murni (from Kajang) for their only sweetheart Nur Arina who was 7 years old last weekend.
Glad to hear that they love the cake. Thanks for the order ya.
To Arina...Happy 7th Birthday !

Hari Keusahawanan

Shidah my lovely neighbour has ordered these sugar cookies for Hari Keusahawanan that was held at her school in Senawang Jaya. Glad to hear that all the cookies were sold out and her team had won the best team with the highest sales collection.
Congratulations ya and thanks for the order !

Ashraf is 18

This tall indulgence cake was an order from Kak Nurhayati from URES. It was for her anak bujang teruna Ashraf who has turned into 18 last week.
To Ashraf, Happy 18th Birthday !!!
To Kak Nurhayati...thanks kak for the order :)

30th Syawal Cuppies

These Raya cupcakes have been delivered to Makcik Noraini from Kg Ismail in Ampangan on the last day of Syawal. She has ordered them for a gathering in Johor Bharu.
Terima kasih daun keladi ya :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Selamat Pengantin Baru S & S

Bagai pinang dibelah 2 "Shahrul & Sakinah". Sama cantik, sama padan.

The wedding cake inside the box

The lovely butterflies.

The beautiful couple.

The cake cutting ceremony

Majlis suap-menyuap.

Congratulation to the lovely and loving couple Shahrul & Sakinah from Serendah, Rawang Selangor. Thanks very2 much for the order. I was very delighted and looking forward for the wedding tower order when Shahrul called me 2 weeks before the reception. Everything went well as planned except during the transportation part from Senawang to Rawang whereby the cake had cracked a little bit. Really2 sorry abt that Shahrul.
Glad to hear that Shahrul and Sakinah likes the colour and presentation. Heard that all the cupcakes were sold out the night itself and the big cake was left only a quarter. Once again...congratulation to both of you and Selamat Pengantin Baru...semoga kekal ke akhir hayat....

Garden of Indulgence - Part 2

Kak Mirah my lovely neighbour has ordered this cake for her family to makan2. The other day, when she ordered the chocolate cake for Hari Raya celebration in Sains Rembau, she did not manage to eat the cake at all since the only thing that was left were the cake board and 2 pieces of flowers. So, she ordered the cake for "balas dendam" and now she can eat the delicious indulgence cake sepuas2nya :D
Thanks kak for the order. Terima kasih daun keladi ya :)

The tartlets are back!

These delicious and mouth watering fruit tartlets were orders from the lovely Kak Mirah from Sepri for her sister to bring back to Kedah.
Thanks kak!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garden of Indulgence - Part 1

This Garden of Indulgence Cake was an order from the lovely Kak Mirah, my regular customer from Sekolah SEPRI. This cake was for makan2 since her nieces and nephews were dropping by for Hari Raya.

Thanks kak for the order!

Cupcakes for Kak Ros

These 2 sets of cup cakes have been ordered by the lovely Kak Ros from Sains Rembau. She has ordered these cupcakes for her makan2 gathering in KL.
Glad to hear that they like it. Thanks kak for the order!

SAINS Rembau..

This cake has been ordered by my lovely neighbour Kak Mirah for the Hari Raya celebration at her office in Sains Rembau (Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan Rembau).
Thanks kak for the order....glad to hear that only the cake board and 2 pieces of flowers were left. Yang lain semua licin :D

Sayonara Yang ....

This kek lapis cadbury is for my best friend, Yang Marjaniah who is going to Japan. She will be there, to follow her husband who is pursuing his masters .

To Yang, sayonara and take care ya. Till we meet again...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Basket Of Indulgence !

The cake before the final touch up.

The final basket of indulgence.

Salam to all. Here is an order from a teacher in URES. She has ordered this cake for makan2.
Thanks kak for the order :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cakes for URES

Kek Lapis Cadbury

Indulgence Cake With Chocolate

Indulgence Cake With Strawberies

These cakes are for the Hari Raya & Farewell Gathering in URES (Sekolah Rendah Undang Rembau). 2 x Kek Lapis Cadbury and 2 x Indulgence Cake.
Thanks for the order ya!

Happy Birthday Jue!

This delicious indulgence cake is an order from Jue from Taman Tasik Jaya. She has ordered this cake for her birthday.
Glad that she likes it :D Thanks Jue for the order.

Indulgence For Nurhidayah

This indulgence cake is an order from Kak Nurhayati from URES. It is for her lovely daughter Nurhidayah.
Thanks kak for the order :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kek Lapis for Kak Bedah

These two kek lapis cadbury and bluberry were orders from Kak Bedah again, my lovely aunt from Villa Suria. The cuppies are for her to makan2 with her family. Glad to hear that she likes it.

Thanks kak for the order.

Kek Lapis Cadbury for Kasha

This cake lapis was for Kasha (my tiga empat pupu/ a.k.a kupu2 :) .
Just a week after his first order of this kek lapis cadbury before Hari Raya, he sms me and wanted to order the same cake again.
Really glad to hear that he really2 love this cake. So called the best cake that he had ever eaten so far...Alhamdulillah.....happy to hear that :D
So, for u guys out there ... u should try this cake...u would definitely love it is rich with cadbury chocolate .... definitely a must for all chocolate lovers.

Premium Cup Cakes - Chocolate

This was an order from the lovely Iris, from GS Kitchen Cabinet. This is for one of her customers' open house function. I have used chocolates as the toppings instead with the the Hari Raya theme.
Thanks Iris for the order and glad that Nordiana loves it :)

Wedding Tower

Wedding Tower

Wedding cake

Wedding Cupcakes

Here is my first ever Wedding Tower. This was an order from my lovely neighbour Kak Nany, for her cousin's wedding in Seremban 2. For the top tier, is a butter cake with steamed butter cream frosting and fondant flowers. The lower tier consists of mixed flavours cupcakes with butter cream frosting and fondant flowers.
I did not manage to take the pictures during the cake cutting ceremony since I need to rush back early. Glad to hear from Kak Nany that they love the cake. Thanks kak for the order :)

Salam "Bake It Right" in Kota Bharu

This Ben 10 cake was an order from my lovely friend Masrina who is working in Maybank Senawang. She has ordered this cake for his son's birthday Amirul and his nephew's Ariff. This cake has gone all the way to Kota Bharu and they had the great double celebration on the 1st day of Raya.
Really2 glad that the cake has survived all the way to Kota Bharu and very much thanks to Masrina for the order :)

Chocolate Indulgence !!!

This irresistible chocolate indulgence was an order by my lovely neighbour Shidah who really loves my indulgence cake. She has also persuaded her friend, Lia, to buy this cake as well.
The above cake was for Lia and the below was for Shidah.
Thanks ladies for the order and really glad that u love it :D

Premium Cupcakes - Strawberry

These premium cupcakes - strawberry was an order from my lovely neighbour, Ros for her husband's birthday.
Thanks Ros for the order and glad that your kids love it :)

This is an order from my kitchen cabinet supplier, the sweet Iris (GS Kitchen Cabinet) since she was joining one of her Muslim customers for buka puasa.

Thanks Iris for the order and really glad that your customer love the cuppies :D

Kek I come !!!

Kek Lapis Blueberry

Kek Lapis Cadbury...yummy2 :)

8 boxes of kek lapis (Blueberry, Strawberry and Cadbury) ... all the way to Melaka.

Salam Kek Lapis to all :) This raya has been pretty exiting for me since this would be my first time ever to bake and sell Kek Lapis.
Special thanks to my auntie, Kak Bedah from Villa Suria, for all the trust in making these kek lapis.
Just abt a week before raya, these cakes have been delivered to Melaka. At the same time, at my grand aunt's house, I have met my so called dua tiga pupu (kupu2 kot :) Kasha and he had a peek on my kek lapis. He has then ordered 1 kek lapis cadbury to be delivered a few days before raya since it looks very2 yummy.
Thanks Kak Bedah, Mak Ngah Bibah, Auntie Tengku and Kasha for the orders...
Terima kasi daun keladi, tahun depan, jgn lupa order kek lapis dari saya lagi :D