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Monday, February 8, 2010

Happpy Birthday Qaseh & Qalif !!!

Salam Bake It Right to all. Really2 sorry for the long silence since I am stuck with some personal matters at this moment. I am also very sorry for not being able to accept any orders temporarily until further notice. Minta maaf banyak2.

Above pictures have been e-mailed over to me by my lovely customer, Irza from Kajang. Irza has seen the pictures of the birthday cakes that have been ordered by Anna from Seremban and she wanted the similar birthday cakes for her two kids, the most adorable Qaseh and Qalif. She has placed her order very2 much in advance to ensure that she gets the right cake for their birthday.

And when the time comes, she has come all the way from Kajang to collect the cakes and I was so happy to meet her on that day. Thanks very2 much Irza for the trust and support and I was really glad when I received the below sms from her:

"Salam...Kek tu OK sangat2. Qaseh suka sangat. Semua cakap kek u sedap...Ramai tanya pasal kek u...I pun jaja la blog u. Memang I puas hati...Lain kali boleh order lagi... "

Terima kasih daun keladi sis :)

p/s: Sorry for not being able to upload the close up pictures of the cakes above that I have taken with my camera ......and also sorry to the rest of you who are still waiting for the picture your cakes to be published in this blog....will be publishing them soon....tungguuuuu :D